Cobra Extracts 

Co2 THC Oil 
1000mg Cartridges     

$60 or $55 each when you buy more than one. 


     1/8 : $55                   1/4 : $100

     1/2 $180

Newest Products

Cannabis Infused Hand Lotion
200 mg  ,  4 oz Bottle
$10 Each

Delivery only, not a walk in dispensary.

(I) = Indoor grown.  (LD) = Light Deprivation. (G) = Greenhouse grown.  (O) = Outdoor grown.  
​All four symbols are locally grown and organic.

Currently Accepting New Medical Patients 50 Years And Older.

Green Fields Meds

Serving medical marijuana Monday through Saturday 10am - 9:00pm,  Sunday 2pm - 9:00pm  
Closing times may change due to curfews in our delivery areas.

Now you never have to drive to a dispensary!


Diamond Pen Vaporizer

$30 each

Cobra Extracts

Nectar Stick 


Cobra Extracts

ELEV8 Disillate
1000mg Cartridges